The Homewood Citizens for Home Rule are Homewood residents who believe in good local government and who trust in our own ability to elect responsible leaders from our community and hold them accountable. Our village has a decades-long tradition of efficient and responsive local governance. We believe the Village has earned the freedom to decide locally what Homewood needs to continue being Homewood.

We know you want the best police and fire departments possible, strong schools and good neighborhoods, and we do to! Home Rule means more ways for Homewood to protect and maintain our quality of life, and fewer ways our dysfunctional state can put them at risk.

We know that removing the decision-making limits that our state places on small communities like Homewood makes some people wonder if it’s a good idea. We wondered that too, and after learning the facts, we’ve decided that we trust our own community to protect and maintain our quality of life a lot more than we do the State of Illinois.

We believe the Village is pursuing responsible Home Rule. For example, to limit future excesses stemming from Home Rule, the Village has already adopted legislation to cap future property tax increases to current state-allowed levels. You can read more about how Homewood is responsibly approaching Home Rule on the FAQ.

Springfield cannot speak for Homewood. The legislators there have their own agendas, which have little to do with life here in Homewood. Meanwhile the state’s dysfunction starves our schools, thins our police ranks, and limits our village's ability to respond.

We believe that Homewood has earned the freedom automatically granted to larger towns to decide for ourselves what our needs are and how we’re going to meet them.

Keep Homewood strong and vote YES for Home Rule on March 20, 2018.