There are many ways for you to help Homewood Citizens for Home Rule pass this referendum to ensure that we can take back control from Springfield and give our leaders the tools to govern Homewood more effectively.

The Homewood Citizens for Home Rule has four committees with which you can volunteer your time:

  1. Fundraising: talking to community members, businesses and other organizations asking for their financial support
  2. Communications: becoming a presenter at coffees and other meetings and functions.
  3. Community Outreach: arranging opportunities for members of Homewood Citizens for Home Rule to meet individuals or groups at coffee sessions, organizational gatherings, distributing materials to inform the community about the referendum, etc.
  4. Canvassing: going out into the community and sharing information with people door-to-door in neighborhoods, on the street, at the train station, etc.



Do you feel like you have a great story to tell about how the Homewood? Do you have friends who have questions about why they should vote yes on March 20? Host a coffee in your home or at a local coffee shop to discuss why Home Rule is important. The communications team of Homewood Citizens for Home Rule will provide you with all the information you need to effectively tell the story, and can even come to present in your home if you would like.

Our supporters are our best ambassadors to help us get other citizens out to VOTE YES on March 20.


For some residents and businesses, offering financial support may be the best way to help support our referendum. Gifts of any size are greatly appreciated and will be used judiciously to help us spread our message and support our schools.

Feel free to make a donation by contacting Nick Quirke, who is heading up our fundraising team. Email Nick at nick.quirke@gmail.com or call at 312-375-2644.

For more information, please email our staff at HomeRuleHomewood@gmail.com.


All residents and businesses are stakeholders in Homewood, and our leadership continues to draw young, educated families to Homewood, helping us to hold or grow our property values.

Talk with your neighbors, especially those who do not know how they plan to vote, to discuss why it is so vital they support our referendum on March 20.

Visit our FAQ section to get answers to questions you may have.


Would you be willing to post a sign in your yard supporting our referendum? Please email our staff at HomeRuleHomewood@gmail.com and we will arrange for a sign to be delivered to your home.

Please join the Homewood Citizens for Home Rule, and others, in supporting our community by providing information to friends and neighbors and VOTE YES on March 20.